As we are on the tail end of another school year, I am once again astounded at how time passes so seemingly quickly.

There is nothing more sure than the seconds rolling by, and because it is a constant, the passing of time gets pushed into the background, out of our peripheral awareness.

We think – time is not something we can control nor change so why pay any attention?

Paying attention to each second gone would mean that we would have to recognize our mortality, that we would have to recognize we are on a deadline (i.e., our last day) and that we should get moving because we cannot pull back those seconds as the sand falls to the bottom of the hourglass.

In this recognition, we can either become overwhelmed and disempowered or motivated and completely empowered.

We are conditioned to put our head into the sand when we get overwhelmed and just to keep moving through the motions of each day and in this case, further allowing time to pass without recognition or awareness.

It is really only in pulling our heads out, recognizing it, that we can start to finally live in alignment.

However, recognition is a balancing act. While we cannot live in a place of ignoring time, we also cannot dwell on the loss of time because that takes us into a mindset of fear, regret and scarcity.

What does that mean then?

That means we have to live in the present.

It is funny when the liminal space is actually right now. We are always in a state of transition. Perhaps that is why balancing ourselves in this space is one of life’s greatest challenges.


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