I have listened to the full soundtrack to The Greatest Showman 3-4 times today (#slightlyobsessed). In fact, I’m listening to it as I type.

While singing and dancing in my seat all day, I realized what I really want right now is to gather with some friends and belt out a few musical soundtracks. There doesn’t even have to be much talking, just using our voices and bodies to bring this music to life.

One of my most memorable evenings spent with a couple of my cousins was when we got together and imperfectly harmonized some songs from Rent.

It feels somewhat impossible to bring my idea to life and find time and space to gather and sing. At least that is what part of my brain is telling me. But really, it can be as simple as sending a text, opening up my basement to a few people and just sing.

When did creating art together become so infrequent, so optional? When in fact, art is not an option to our souls. It is what our souls yearn for. It is essential to our thriving.

What does your soul really want right now?

My pledge is to figure out how to make this musical night happen some time over the next few weeks. I’ll report back.


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