In an online discussion over the weekend, my cohort and I were talking about limiting beliefs. Someone mentioned how they are a positive person and still have challenges with limiting beliefs.

I pointed out – those two things are mutually exclusive.

Just because someone is a positive person does not mean that they don’t have limiting beliefs.

I think there is a misconception that positivity is a panacea to personal growth.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a glass half-full, find the silver lining, make the best of a situation kind-of person.

But positivity can’t solve it all.

There is absolutely a time and place for positivity. And yet, at a certain point, we can start gaslighting ourselves with our positivity because we are not dealing with the root issue.

The roots for limiting beliefs can run pretty deep in our subconscious. They most often require more than silver linings, positive thoughts and affirmations.

I also shared some thoughts on this video on my YouTube channel if you were interested in hearing more. Then let me know what you think about positivity and limiting thoughts!


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