The other day, my five year old asked why we need money.

I shared that money was created as a universal way to trade, and how back in the day, if we had eggs and our neighbor had vegetables, we’d trade some eggs for some vegetables. And now, instead of eggs, we have money.

I have no idea if this is actually true, but it made sense to me. (Hopefully, my kids don’t fact check me in the future.)

What I found most fascinating with this exchange was that I did not get totally tripped up trying to answer it. I have a funny relationship with money, and I’ve been actively healing it for the last three years. If I was asked this question four years ago, I am pretty sure I would have gotten flustered and made up something that would reflect a victim mindset about money.

There is no shame in having a less-than-whole relationship with money because we grow up with adults who have funny relationships with money. Just know – our relationship with money is heal-able!


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