I have always believed in fate and destiny on some level. But what happens with free will then? What is the point if we are all headed towards a final destination?

This is one of those existential questions I’ve thought about a lot and have been trying to find my version of truth.

As I’m diving into the quantum field, I’m wondering if there are infinite possible destinies for us. Though I’m not sure when we die is changeable. (I’m guessing I’ll probably never know.) I do believe that with each decision we make, we have the power to change our future so we have both free will and all these possible versions of our lives. It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure book!

As I took a client through meditation today, she saw a future that was not her ideal. As we explored that future, we gained such wisdom from it and from the future version of her.

Exploring an unideal future does not mean that we are destined for it or that we have to accept it. It means that we are taking in one possible version of our lives and taking in the lessons from it. Who is more qualified to tell us what not to do than the version of us that is living that unideal future.

I wish everyone the space to explore the futures – the unideal and the ideal versions – as each will share their wisdom with us.


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