When I took my Reiki certification, my teacher told me how we can give Reiki to not only living beings (people, animals, plants) but also we could give Reiki to things with electricity like cars and computers. And Reiki can be shared in person or from a distance and even cooler, to the past and the future as energy does not know space or time. 

These new thoughts gave me full permission to think of energy working in a very flexible way and to make this work my own. 

While our brains can compute some pretty awesome things, they also tend towards the linear and logical. They seek patterns and want to make sense of things. When a new thought or experience is introduced, it has to recalibrate. At that point, one of our many biases may even reject the new information as valid.

I can point to a hundred things from my upbringing that made Reiki something that intrigued me vs. repelled me. And it was those memories that accepted the information that my teacher shared with me. However, if I didn’t have those experiences, I’d like to think I would have welcomed the information with a curious mind. 

In this age of so many falsehoods, is it better to be open to new information or to be skeptical? I’d say that being open is better because I trust myself to be able to make sense of the information once it’s received and integrate or reject it as needed. There are new discoveries everyday. It’d be a shame to cut ourselves off from new ideas because we don’t trust our discernment. 


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