My thoughts to the person who purposely cut in front of me, slammed on their brakes, causing me to slam on mine and terrifying my mom, then racing off with their middle finger in the air.

I forgive you.

I forgive you because something(s) in your life caused you to get pleasure from terrorizing people on the highway.

I forgive you because you are hurting more than I am. While aggression may seem powerful, it is only a mask.

I forgive you because you do not see the value in human life and how your actions could have had terrible consequences.

I forgive you because you do not understand that we are all connected and how your actions actually can have a big impact.

I forgive you because you don’t realize you have a choice to create a better world vs. a scared one.

I practiced radical forgiveness for the first time today after this dangerous interaction on the highway. I have a lot of sympathy for that person, and while a human part of me is upset at them, the higher part of me is choosing forgiveness. My being upset does not add to the collective nor to me personally.

I choose forgiveness because I believe people are good deep down.

I choose forgiveness because I believe I have a choice in my reactions and those say more about me than what happens to me.

I choose forgiveness because I understand that decisions like what the driver did are not made in a vacuum but as an action that fits into a pattern of hurt.

I choose forgiveness because anger will only eat away at me and that is not the place from where I want to live.

I choose forgiveness because that is the person I want to model for my kids.


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