In this modern world that is so fragmented relationally, it is easy to coast by on surface level connections. We may feel like it is normal, maybe even healthy, not to get too involved with others. This not only applies to those casual relationships with neighbors or other parents on the soccer team but also to parents, siblings, “best” friends and even partners and spouses.

We are social beings, whether we like it or not.

We long for authentic connection. We need community to survive and thrive. How we relate defines so much of who we are.

It is imperative for us to feel deeply connected with others. And yet, in our trauma-filled world, it can feel almost impossible to be vulnerable and to trust another person.

Our disconnection with each other is an indication of the disconnection we feel within ourselves. If we long for deeper relationships, we must look within first and foremost.

NOTE: This blog post is not applicable to truly dangerous and harmful relationships, and it is not meant to dismiss those very real situations.


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