One of my favorite things to take pictures of is the sky.

How deceiving is it that a three letter word can encompass so very very much?

I see the world made up as the sky, earth and sea (note: this is not an official scientific explanation). Approximately 70% of the planet is water, and the earth, by simple calculation, is ~30% of the planet.

But the sky has no end and no beginning. There is no way to quantify the sky. Like the earth and sea, it is home to animals, but it expands beyond that.

It is a canvas that the clouds, sunlight and moonlight color daily. The sky holds endless variations indicative of its infinite nature. In my dialect of Chinese, Heaven and sky are the same word. To me, the sky is where Heaven is housed, and Heaven (in a non-denominational way) represents infinite existence, knowledge and wisdom. When we seek answers, we look up. We expect wisdom to come from above, and we look for guidance from the sky.

The sky is not afraid to take up space. While earth and sea fight for the puny surface area of the planet, the sky expands further than the eye can see and the heart can feel. If the sky were a person, they would lay in the middle of a king size bed unapologetically stretching arms and legs to all four corners.

The sky is where dreams and desires come from. Where twinkling stars of faraway galaxies grant wishes. Where the moon magically influences our cycles and dreams. Where the sun’s heat drums up desires and lights our internal fires.

The sky is both earthly and pure magic.

How deceiving is that three letter word?


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