We are all born artists, and we start imagining and creating as soon as our brains allow.

As children, all that we knew for a while was how to express ourselves – uninhibited, in 100% raw form. It did not matter if we were “good” or “bad” or what our medium was – we did it and we loved it. So simple.

But, for many of us, at some point, we stopped. There are as many reasons as there are people who no longer create. Maybe because someone told us we were not creative or maybe we were over-praised, or maybe other things became more pressing and the list goes on.

This must be one of the deepest wounds a person can hold – experiencing something that stopped us from creating with pure unattached joy.

This is why we must create now. Getting back to a version of ourselves who could create without abandon is a reclamation of self – a message to that young child saying, “I see you and you are worthy of joy.”


I write everyday because it allows me to voice what is at the surface. Once that is out of my head, I can dig in another layer deeper. My daily writing practice has been my greatest exploration of self and humanity. Sign up here to receive these thought nuggets in your inbox on the daily.