The father-daughter dance at weddings almost always brings me to tears. I never had a dance with my dad. He never got to see me get married, have children, and build a life as an adult.

When I think about the why of raising children, I often think in a long term way – I think about when they are grown, become contributing citizens to the world, and live with gratitude and a knowing of self. The things I look forward to, though don’t have any guarantee of, are celebrating the big milestones like if/when they graduate high school and college, find a partner/get married and getting their first full-time job.

While the days are long, the years are very short. The big milestones aren’t going to come for a while so I try my best to find fulfillment in the every day because those big milestones are only possible in the daily effort that I put in now, and that effort can only continue if I celebrate the wins now as well.


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