Being a procrastinator is one of those parts of who I am that I appreciate (this girl works well under a deadline) and also one that I could do without (why do I always have to wait until last minute?!). I could do almost everything in the moment I think about it, but instead, I wait and wait and wait and make things harder for myself.

This goes down to something as silly as brushing my teeth. I floss and brush my teeth 99.9999999% of my nights before bed. But many nights, I wait until late to do so. When I wait until late, I do it begrudgingly, when normally I actually don’t mind the process at all.

Tonight, as I am writing this, I brushed my teeth early and it feels so good to have knocked that off of my list. As sleepy thoughts take over, I can roll into bed and conk out.

We don’t have to make things harder for ourselves. Finding smaller moments like tonight with brushing my teeth earlier allows me to practice and know it is okay for things to go smoothly and easily. I don’t have to make it hard to make it worthwhile.


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