“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

I disagree.

Beauty is first and foremost inherent in the person, place, or thing being looked at. Beauty exists within, and the beholder can make a judgement of that thing’s beauty. However, that judgement does not take away from or add to the beauty that already exists within that thing.

The same goes with remarkability. Living a life, making change and running a business that are worthy of remark by others is secondary to one worthy of remarking ourselves.

In a world where likes and views determine social status, it is easy to believe that remarkability is out of our hands. The onus of remarkability has been handed off to someone else to decide. But no one gets the power to take away the remarkability of something.

I get to determine whether my life is worthy of remark. If others agree, that’s great! If others disagree, it does not make my life any less remarkable.


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