At bedtime this past week, my kids have requested stories told by me. I do a fair share of fiction where we are all different sorts of animals in the woods. However, my oldest requests stories of my real life. Some stories include trips my husband and I have taken, her and her brothers’ births, and how we chose where we live.

Sometimes I have to really dig deep to muster up the creativity and patience to tell these stories because, by the end of the night, I just want all of them to go to sleep! But I ultimately do it because she is genuinely interested and I wonder when that interest will wain or even disappear altogether. And in telling these stories, I discover little ways of informing their young minds of my values, decision making process and priorities.

They say kids watch our every move and learn more through what we do than what we say but in a real storytelling, there is power in teaching our children through the things I have done.


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