In my exploration of worth, I realized I often confused it with deserving.

Deserving is a tit-for-tat mentality – I deserve to get something because of something else I have or do. Sometimes that thing I deserve is a punishment (I deserve a time out because I hit my brother) or it is a prize (I deserve a toy because I cleaned my room). In either case, it is a carrot/stick approach and does not serve us.

In an enlightening conversation with my friend A, I asked them about a seemingly offhand comment I heard that was in the vein of – “I know a lot of Black families. They are all good people.” [original racial group changed] This statement was made in an exchange about racism faced by these marginalized families. Someone pointed out that a statement like that is racist, and I was very confused.

A explained that this statement in this context is racist because it places a justification of the racist acts on the behavior of the Black person (i.e., they don’t deserve these acts of racism because they are good people) when in reality, a person of any race or identification is inherently worthy of respect regardless of their prior actions or any judged or perceived characteristic.

My mind was blown having grown up in a culture where punishment is normal and respect is earned not given. But thinking about it at a very simple level, it makes sense.

Worth speaks to the human-ness in all of us while deserving speaks to the ego. I will choose my human-ness over my ego any day.


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