I have been carrying around the mantra “I am worthy” for a couple of years now.

It was perfect for me at the time because I needed to know that I was worthy, that I had any worth at all. Yes, my sense of self-worth was really low.

Today, I feel like I have integrated that belief into my mind, body and spirit, and I feel the call to bring that mantra to its next evolution.

Now that I believe I am worthy, I am asking myself, “Well, what is worthiness? And what is my worth? Can I quantify it?” Worthy is subject to interpretation but worth is inherent in all of us and should not be confused with deserving.

So my new mantra is “My worth is infinite.”

I’m looking forward to seeing where this one brings me.

We all carry limited beliefs in one form or another about ourselves – yay to being human! And in reading books or watching videos, all the self-help gurus tout really bold claims about self-worth or happiness or power or whatever flavor of self-help you are drinking this week. But those bold claims can’t and won’t work if we don’t actually believe them.

Sometimes we need a milder version of that bold claim. Just like if you were building up your tolerance for spicy food, you wouldn’t go straight into eating a dish with a habanero salsa but one with a small part of a jalapeƱo instead.

Choosing a milder mantra may seem “weak” or not the right way of doing it because we need to “go big or go home” but using a bold claim, like going straight to that habanero salsa, would be overwhelming for your body and not process well.

So do you have a bold claim you have been trying to embody that hasn’t quite been working? What would be a milder version of it?


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