In conversation with a new colleague, he said that right now is a great opportunity for a personal re-invention, and I would have to agree.

Overnight, in March 2020, we changed how we operate in almost all the ways we live, work, parent, etc. It wasn’t something I could have ever imagined a huge collective of people to successfully do and yet we did.

I think of the many times I have tried to implement a new mindset or habit (e.g., go to the gym, watch less TV, go to bed earlier) and failed horribly. Can you relate? And yet, we changed our behavior in almost every way and maintained it over many months due to COVID.

And that change is absolutely something we can do again for ourselves. However, it seems like some people haven’t missed a beat as things return to “normal,” living their lives exactly as they would have pre-pandemic.

It is a bit disconcerting to witness because the reality is our world and world views have been turned upside down. Getting back to “normal” is like willingly grabbing blinders and putting them back on to settle into the comfort of familiarity and “normalcy.”

It isn’t like we’ve been given a blank slate but it is as cleared as it ever will be. It is as opportune a time to change and adopt new behaviors and beliefs as it ever will be.

What are the things we are bringing forward from our life and learnings during the pandemic? What if the opportunity as things open up is not that we get to return to normal but that we have a chance to create a new normal?


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