Today, I am writing this blog post in the last hour before the end of the day. No one will probably read this post because by the time that my email update is sent tomorrow morning at 6AM, I will have written another post.

So what’s the point of writing a blog post that no one reads?

I made an intention to blog daily in 2021 and in the 166 days that have passed, I haven’t missed a day yet. While I’d love for someone to read this post (or any of my others), writing this is not so much for them (or you who is reading), but it is for me. I know it has been written. I don’t need someone to observe it (i.e., read it) to validate that is has been written.

So if a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Of course it makes a sound. Who cares if someone is there to witness it?

Saying that the sound only exists if someone is there to hear it invalidates the whole existence of what happened.

The tree fell. It’s obvious the tree fell – it’s trunk is split in half and its once tall branches have crushed the forest floor beneath it. The fact is when trees fall, they make a noise. The sound of the tree falling does not exist for the person who hears it. It purely exists because the tree has fallen.

This blog post was written. Does it matter if no one reads it? No, not really. The existence of this blog post does not need external eyes to validate it.

It is because it is.


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