Our children are born with spirits that have an innate knowing of who they are, discernment of what is safe and unsafe, a natural curiosity, and an openness to receive from the world.

In this way, they are born perfect, no matter their cognitive or physical abilities.

Believing this, I often say that I try “not to break” my kids as the journey to growing up brings experiences that can shut down those natural tendencies and tear down that spirit.

The human experience is a chicken and egg situation of flawed people parenting these little perfect beings into inevitably flawed beings who continue the cycle because, as humans, we parent imperfectly due to factors like the ego and trauma responses.

The antidote to this chicken and egg conundrum is to start where we can – with ourselves – by reparenting ourselves, trying to undo those flawed experiences and getting back in touch with that boundless spirit we came into this world with because we/I/you were born perfect.


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