Leaders are often given the accolades or the blame for the outcome of their leading.

But leaders don’t wholly deserve either.

Take the handling of the pandemic.

I have heard people say countries like New Zealand and Taiwan have done well because they have a female Prime Minister or President.

I don’t think they deserve the full credit.

Their leadership is a direct result of a culture that voted in a female leader. While those women made decisions that helped their country, it only worked because of the culture of the country who said, “Yes, we will listen to her.”

It is easy and also very headline-grabbing to attach any success to one person but more often than not, there is a democratic culture that they are working within whether that be a team or organization or a nation that gives them that power.

The goal is not to be able to elect a female leader, the goal is to create a culture who sees that as an acceptable and vote-worthy decision.


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